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Lafayette Hotel Wedding | Athena + Pierce

Athena and Pierce's wedding was a favorite of mine this year.  After having done wedding photography for 100+ guests for most of the season, it was a nice change to do a wedding with less than 20 guests.  Also, during the ceremony Athena and Pierce chose not to have music playing as she walked out.  I've never been to a wedding where that happened, so it was a welcoming surprise.  I don't know how to explain it with words exactly, but the effect was visceral and the air was pregnant with a calm tension.  Awkwardness was replaced by a raw joy.  I will remember it always.  

It was also very memorable to me because I shot the whole wedding by myself.  I don't even remember the last time I shot a wedding by myself or if I even have.  I had fun pushing myself the whole day and gained a new respect for wedding photographers that go it alone all the time.  There's almost no room for error.  Well, here are some of the highlights from their sweet day.