We revel in the living breathing characters of the everyday. 


 We know you have a little brother who has a treasure trove of secrets to spill during his wedding toast.. or tears that'll relay it for him.  We know you have a few breakdancing moves up your pop-n-lock sleeve. And we know you've had your eye on marrying under that tree since you were tall enough to see it from your front porch, 


One thing we certainly know is that weddings have a way of gathering all the characters 

and the witnesses 

and the reverence 

and the hallelujah hands 

and the LOVE 

In one beaming spot for us to witness.


We feel very lucky to do that with our cameras.


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Jerry, Ingrid, Aubrey, Blake, Ambrose and Katharine




Jerry and Ingrid started shooting together in 2006.  Their dating relationship began so suddenly after Jerry needed a full time editor, that Ingrid suspects it was Jerry's plan all along to date her for the free labor.  It worked, and she is still Jerry's full time editor and wife.  

Jerry loves to rile people up with goofiness, get people shaking their booties and jumping in pools, and catching the angle no one expects.  Ingrid loves the quiet moments with the bride and her father right before the ceremony, the secret handshakes, and all the details you poured your blood and sweat into.

When Jerry is not telling people to make out in front of his camera, Jerry enjoys many manly pursuits such as rock climbing, backpacking, and drinking scotch.  However, one time, Ingrid caught him watching a marathon session of The Bachelor.  

Ingrid is usually seen creating lino-cut prints, trying to finish a bowl of ice cream before Jerry guilts her about eating dessert in lieu of food, and getting barfed on by their son.  Photography has always been her passion.  In the past, she has used it for evil by capturing embarrassing pictures of her friends, then photoshopping it so it looked even worse, then posting it online.  Now, she has been rehabilitated and only uses her powers for good.




Katharine and Ambrose started shooting together in 2012.  

Ambrose is a striking young man filled to the brim with sensual charisma and undeniable wit. He’s best known as the only man alive who can impregnate a person (ANY person) with just a wink of his eye or a raising of his brow.  His hobbies include bow hunting wild game, wrastling bears, nude skim boarding, figure drawing himself in the mirror and shark fishing. Ambrose never lies- he really has done all of these things (the bears were teddy bears). He is also a talented musician, watching his fingers move across the strings of a guitar is mesmerizing and evocative.  Put simply, imagine Jesus mixed with Chris Hemsworth in “Thor”. Also, he's pretty good at photography.

Katharine is one of six kids in her family and is often seen attempting to hoard food under her bed and buying too many $1 apple pies from McDonalds. Unfortunately her hoarding was never successful and she remains very skinny. What she lacks in food hoarding skills, she makes up in her artistry with a camera.  She is often seen lurking in the shadows, capturing your life even if you didn't pay her to. 




Aubrey and Blake started shooting together in 2007.

We believe in inventing and partaking in rituals.  Maybe your toothbrush always faces west when resting in its snoopy cup.  Maybe you sing a grateful song first thing when your eyes open each morning.  Maybe... you get married to someone you love.  

To us, weddings feel like a symbiotic partnership of celebration and reverence.  This is why I choose to re-tell them.  

As a little gal, I used to find my way into the secret corner of my mom's closet where generations of family photos lived in tupperware stacked high as the ceiling.  I could swim in those stories and characters for hours.  I still do this at the thrift store.  

Upon choosing me to shoot her wedding, a bride warned me, "My family is quite eccentric... there will be A LOT of characters."

A few months later, as I clicked the shutter button, and her great aunt, lit by disco ball, adoringly squished her twinsy-clad chihuahua to her rouge lipstick, I knew I was the gal for the job.