Diablo Ranch | Wedding | Alina + James

We absolutely love shooting at Diablo Ranch. It's the animals, the gorgeous california hills and oaks, and the interesting nooks and crannies.  

Photography by Jerry, Ambrose and Katharine.


Cornerstone Gardens | Sonoma | Wedding | Jenny + Devon

Photography by Jerry, Katharine, and Ambrose.

Kohl Mansion | Burlingame | Christina + Matt | Wedding Teaser

Photography by Jerry.

Mandarin Oriental | San Francisco | Wedding | Alina + Andre

Wedding by Jerry, Ambrose and Katharine.






Limantour Beach | Point Reyes | Rockefeller Lodge | Wedding | Michelle + David

Photography by Ambrose and Katharine.

Foggy Engagement in San Francisco | Jeni + Roy + Puff

Photography by Jerry, Ambrose and Katharine.

Family Portrait Session at Home | Ji + Ken + Emma

We love meeting our former wedding couple's babies!  I think it would be a fun (and weird) if someone asked me to photoshop their features together from their wedding day pictures to create images of their future child.  I would totally do it!  That's what it's like meeting our couple's babies. It's so fun to see the mix of both parents.  

We brought Amos over to hang out during the shoot.  Besides making a mess in their house and licking everything, he also touched Emma's leg.  So now, they are betrothed.  

Photography by Jerry.

Their dog, Brad Pitt.  Amos fell in love with their dog.

Double chin time!