Puerto Vallarta | Mexico | Wedding | Teaser | Christine + Jason

Our two most favorite people got married this past weekend.  They dated for 11 years and after much cajoling/blackmail/threats from us, they finally tied the knot in style.  50 of their closest friends and family flew out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to participate in their next big step.  Jerry and I even got to officiate their wedding, which Jason immediately regretted as soon as we started rehashing their most embarrassing moments.  Here are just some teasers... a lot more to come! 

Photography by Aubrey and Ambrose.  

Kohl Mansion | Burlingame | Wedding | Briana + Neil

Photography by Jerry and Ingrid

We are on Instagram!

We are FINALLY on Instagram to document what things look like behind the scenes, and to offer some sneak peaks... 


Here are some things you might see: 
-Jerry's sultry expression when he tells people to make out in front of him
-Ingrid getting puked on by Amos
-Aubrey doing the worm dance on a concrete floor
-Ambrose's butt, naked, on a road bike. 

So, follow us if you feel like it! 

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Rumpus at Golden Gate Park | Karen + Jon | Engagement Teaser

Photography by Jerry.  More to come!

Mission Murals | Balloons | San Francisco | Engagement | Carly + Evan

Photography by Jerry.

American Steel Building | Emeryville | Portrait | Tiffany + Jeff

Photography by Jerry

Piedmont Community Church | Guild Hall | Wedding | Sara + Michael

Photography by Aubrey and Blake.