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Bonnie B Ranch | North Fork, CA | Our wedding

Finally, we're getting around to posting our wedding pictures!  These were taken by our friends Aaron Morris and Maurico Arias of Chrisman Studios.  We had the pleasure of having them stay with us for a couple days during the week long festivities.  We hoped they would have fun and feel like our wedding guests because that's how we thought of them (You know, those wedding guests who constantly make you kiss in front of them).  But they seriously worked their butts off.  We saw them EVERYWHERE, like ninja monkeys, in all sorts of contorted body positions, constantly, for something like 15 hours!  We are forever grateful for the moments they captured and all the pain and heat they endured.  We love the photos and they make us laugh all the time.


Moments after my friend and favorite cake maker in the world stuffed a spatula of frosting in my mouth. 

We made our guests follow these two lovely voices (Tiny home) over a short hiking trail.   

Here it may look like we are mourning the loss of a loved one, but really we're so happy we're trying not to weep.

I also can't express enough how grateful that Anna and Michelle of Events of Love and Splendor were able to coordinate everything.  They made Jerry and my day worry free and knew exactly what to do with minimal input from us.  Our wedding took place in the serious boonies- it couldn't have happened without their help. 

Some of the deets below, taken by Aubrey.  

We decided that we should handmake mugs for every guest and vendor at our wedding.  This is one of those ideas that start off sounding really great and fun, but then, as we're hand crafting mug #26 out of 140, slowly the icy realization comes that we will be making mugs almost every day for the next 9 months.  Some days it felt like we were workers in a 3rd world sweatshop.  But I don't regret it at all, now that it's over and my mind has partially blocked out the memory. 

Venue: Bonnie B Ranch, North Fork, CA

Photographers: Aaron Morris and Mauricio Arias of Chrisman Studios

Coodination: Anna and Michelle of Events of Love and Splendor

Music (singing and DJ): Tiny Home 

Cake: our friend Nathan

Foreign Cinema | San Francisco | Wedding | Liz + Ben

Photography by Aubrey and Blake.

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