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Tilden Park | Berkeley | Wedding Teaser | Be + Myke

Photos by Aubrey and Blake.

Diablo Ranch | Wedding | Alina + James

We absolutely love shooting at Diablo Ranch. It's the animals, the gorgeous california hills and oaks, and the interesting nooks and crannies.  

Photography by Jerry, Ambrose and Katharine.


Cornerstone Gardens | Sonoma | Wedding | Jenny + Devon

Photography by Jerry, Katharine, and Ambrose.

Diablo Ranch | Walnut Creek | Wedding Teaser | Alina + James

We just shot a stunning wedding underneath huge oak trees at Diablo Ranch in Walnut Creek.  This place is fast becoming one of our favorite places to shoot!   

Flood Mansion | Ghirardelli Fairmont Hotel | San Francisco | Wedding | Angela + Chris

Angela and Chris got married at the gorgeous Flood Mansion and Ghirardelli Fairmont Hotel.  They were graced with a double rainbow (all the way) and a stunning sunset.  Plus, Angela's family has their own band (Uncles, Aunties, Dad, cousins, everyone!) so they took turns singing for the reception.  

Photography by Aubrey and Blake.

Cornerstone Gardens | Sonoma | Wedding | Karen + Ken

Photography by Jerry and Aubrey.

Diablo Ranch | Walnut Creek | Wedding | Becky + David

We're excited to share this wedding with you because it was one of the funnest weddings we've been to this year! Becky and David wanted to make sure their guests had a good time so there were a million things to do around the property during dinner and cocktail hour.  Guests played with an emu and a cow, climbed a tree house, shot pool and darts, played classic lawn games, and some of the kids even had an impromtu pool party in their fancy party clothes.  For even more photos, check out their facebook gallery

Photography by Ingrid and Jerry.




The amazing details!

For more photos, check out their facebook gallery.