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A Holi Color Engagement | Rachel + Daniel

Photography by Jerry

Once in a while a client comes along with an idea that I just can't pass up.  These opportunities to do something really different and fun are too rare.  For their engagement shoot, Rachel started off with the idea of doing something with paint or splashing paint around, but we didn't have a space to make a permanent mess like that.  So I remembered Aubrey and her friends throwing Holi color around at a park once for fun.  I knew I wanted to do something like that, but didn't know who would ever be up for it.  Well, Rachel and Daniel were all for it and so we ordered the powders from the UK and had a ton of fun being like kids with no parents to tell us no.  We took some normal shots around the area and then came back for the Holi powder.  Here are some highlights from that session.  


Apparently, holi color tastes really really really bad, which is a shame because it looks so deliciously fruity flavored!